Dr. Houde is the first Doctor I worked with after I tore a disc in my back in 2013. Since then he is the only Doctor to work on my back or any injury I sustain in my profession. His unique treating process got me from barely walking to competing in a matter of five days. His passion and commitment for injury treatment and prevention are unmatched in his field. I can confidently say it is because of his expertise and care that I am able to compete and win at the level I do.

Jennifer F.
Team USA Member
AVP Pro Beach Champion

I’ve been competing as a CrossFit athlete for a long time and dealt with the occasional injury along the way.  Doctor Joe is my number one, first go-to with any ache or pain.  He’s incredibly knowledgeable and understands how to get through to stubborn athletes.  Everyone trusts him because he doesn’t recommend expensive treatments with little to no scientific research to back their use.  I appreciate that after a diagnosis, he will give you exercises and recommendations on training adaptations.  You’ll leave his office feeling in control of the issue and with a step by step plan for improvement.  Definitely go see Dr. Joe.

Kendall M.
CrossFit Athlete

Having worked with athletes at the Olympic level, I’ve seen the importance of confidence and understanding that the athletes rely on regarding treatment and collaboration with their trainers to ensure maximum peak performance. Dr. Houde’s ability to establish this element of trust when working with our National Team athletes is one of our greatest assets. Whether injury prevention techniques or sustained injury management, Joe’s consistent aptitude to inform, explain and treat issues while instilling the piece of mind necessary for athletes to feel empowered to go for Gold, is a one of a kind gift.

Jeff C.
USA Beach Volleyball
London Olympic Games Silver Medalist, Coach
Corporate Board of Directors, Director Beach Development

I started seeing Dr. Joe Houde two years ago after completing my first half marathon and had a hip flexor injury. After several weeks of treatment, I was able to run my second half marathon in record time. Since then, I have continued to see him for maintenance and treatment as needed. Due to this, I have remained physically healthy and able to continue running and cross training—injury free. I would highly recommend him for chiropractic and/or sports related treatments.

Donna K.

I am a Team USA Weightlifting athlete and any chance I can see Dr. Joe I take advantage of it. Whether it’s for routine maintenance to keep my body in peak shape to compete or for treating a nagging injury. He’s knowledgeable and understands that as an athlete you have to practice hard and compete. He does everything in his power to make that happen. He is not one of those Doctors who will tell you to take 3 months off for a little sprain; he will find stuff for you to do and exercises to help strengthen that area. I credit my body's ability to stay injury free to Dr. Joe. He has gone above and beyond what a normal practitioner does for their clients.    

Anthony P.
Team USA Weightlifter

I have been in the workout/athletic community for 15+ years. I have seen the good and the bad of training and doctors. Dr. Joe is by far one of the most knowledgeable doctors I have ever worked with. He explains everything to a "T". If I have an issue with a body part he finds out exactly what it is and why it is happening. Then he treats it. When he treats it, he gives you the tools and exercises necessary to go home and continue stretching and strengthen it. That way, his ultimate goal is to have you healed and healthy. I have been going to him for many years now and he always gives me a straight forward answer to any question I have about strengthening my body. I recommend Dr. Joe to anyone who is looking to have an honest doctor help them.

Matt S.
United Studios of Self Defense, North Mission Viejo

Several years ago, I was battling several injuries: I had a bulged disc in my lower back, a meniscus tear in my knee, and a torn labrum in my shoulder. As a firefighter, I must remain healthy if I want to work and provide for my family. Thankfully, I was referred to a functional rehabilitation facility where I met Dr. Joe Houde. Dr. Joe quickly developed a detailed plan for rehabilitation!

I have never met another person who took such an active role in my recovery as Dr. Joe; he was as active in my recovery as I was. Dr. Joe not only took the time to educate me on the mechanics of my body, he was hyper-focused on proper form and technique. Before him, I had never had a physical therapist, Doctor, or the like be that focused on my individual recovery.

If you have a bulged disc, or any other back injury, you understand that your back is going to cause issues throughout your life. Because of Dr. Joe’s passion toward his profession and personal touch toward his clients I have enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. Yes, my back does hurt sometimes, and when it does, Dr. Joe is the first call I make! Dr. Joe’s comprehensive approach has given me a better understanding of body mechanics and how to apply them to my daily life and profession.

If you suffer from any type of injury, I would highly recommend Dr. Joe! He has an extensive background in several areas of his profession that include: sports medicine, chiropractic care, and functional movement therapy. If you have issues, call Dr. Joe immediately!…………. Simply put: Joe Cares!

Chris C.